Olam SVI

Product Integrity

Beyond Food Safety: Providing Comprehensive Product Integrity

Olam SVI has ownership or active engagement in every stage of the supply chain. This ensures our customers comprehensive product security and food integrity. We believe that only our visionary approach to supply chain control can reliably deliver the highest possible product integrity and value.

We have implemented a full traceability program that keeps track of our onion, garlic, tomato and capsicum products from the moment the seeds are planted in the greenhouse or field, to the location where our customers take delivery of their order.

When sourcing in-origin, Olam SVI ensures it has impact throughout the supply chain. This begins with robust specifications for products, ensuring control at origin through contract farming or buying at farmgate, all managed in-country by Olam SVI employees.

  • Olam SVI has implemented a full traceability program for our U.S. onion, garlic, tomato and capsicum products
  • In India we work with over 900 Chili farmers to ensure a traceable supply chain while also providing training on good agricultural practices
  • Our program in Egypt will see over 1,500 acres of traceable onion by crop year 2016
  • Steam sterilization for spices is employed across our processing facilities in India, Vietnam and the U.S.
  • Robust specifications and technical documentation to meet regulatory requirements
  • Comprehensive, rigorous testing in origin
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