Olam SVI

Innovation & Quality

Driving first-to-market ideas with science and expertise.

Olam SVI's Innovation and Quality Center (IQ Center) is the hub of our commitment to driving innovation for our customers and is where we collaborate with clients to prototype and optimize ingredients and finished product applications. The state-of-the-art IQ center is available to all Olam SVI customers. Based in Olam SVI's headquarters in Fresno, California, the IQ Center is supported by more than 15 scientists and quality assurance professionals.

Product Development Kitchen

The IQ Center's Product Development Kitchen facilitates ingredient applications in products through blending, baking, cooking, freezing and thermal processing. Our food technologists and culinary experts partner with our customers to create customized ingredients and blends which can be tested on end product applications.

Microbiology Lab

The IQ center's Microbiology Laboratory is our central resource to analyze, identify and troubleshoot potential microbiological hazards in our products and processes. Highly skilled microbiologists collaborate with customers, fellow scientists and partner labs to ensure food safety and quality.

Food Chemistry Lab

The IQ Center’s Food Chemistry Laboratory features the analytical equipment and scientific knowledge to precisely measure key functional parameters of color, flavor, texture, pungency, viscosity and particle size in our products.

Our advanced capabilities include chromatographic separations for measurement of flavor, pungency components and link the same to the sensory profile of products. We can also undertake trouble shooting through analysis of contaminants from raw materials through finished products.

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