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Social Responsibility

California Supply Chain Transparency Act Disclosure

Olam West Coast aspires to engage in long-term relationships with suppliers based on responsible business practices and trust. We believe in long-term commitment to the communities we operate in and the partnerships that help us deliver safe, sustainable, high quality food ingredients.

The Olam International Supplier Code ("Code") provides a comprehensive set of conditions to support Olam International's goals to purchase raw materials and products that are produced in a manner that is socially responsible, economically profitable and environmentally sustainable.

The "Code" establishes the standard to which all "Suppliers" of Olam International raw materials and products shall adhere to. For the purpose of this document, "Supplier" means any entity that sells products or services to Olam International.

Olam West Coast is taking active steps to begin its implementation in 2018.

In accordance to the requirements of the Act, Olam West Coast make the following disclosures:


Olam West Coast pursues to operate socially responsible product supply chains that are free of human trafficking and slavery. Although, Olam West Coast does not currently engage in a formal verification and reporting system in the U.S., or require Suppliers to adhere to the Code, it is making contributions to a companywide verification system that will be implemented in the U.S. from 2018.


Olam West Coast has not requested its Suppliers to formally adhere to the Code in agreements governing the relationships. By December 2018, Olam West Coast intends to have implemented the Code with major Suppliers. The Code stipulates that Suppliers doing business with Olam West Coast must uphold labor standards and human rights within their operations by:

  • Being strictly prohibited to use child labor. It is a prerequisite to comply to the International Labor Organization (ILO) Convention 138 on the Minimum Age of Employment and Convention 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labor;
  • Being strictly prohibited to use forced, involuntary and slaved labor, including bonded, indentured and involuntary prison labor; as well as trafficked human beings;
  • Creating an inclusive work environment that avoids any form of discrimination. All forms of harassment, including sexual harassment, intimidation, and abuse or threat are not permissible;
  • Acknowledging employees’ rights to form and join unions or other associations, and to bargain collectively; unless prevented by local applicable laws;
  • Providing fair wages and benefits that are in accordance with applicable laws, industry standards or related agreements;
  • Complying with all applicable ILO standards, national legal requirements and industry standards pertaining to working time;
  • Providing a safe and hygienic work environment and accommodation (when the case may be) in accordance with applicable health and safety laws and international conventions;
  • Preventing accidents and injury arising out of, associated with, or occurring in the course of work, by minimizing causes of hazards in the work environment;
  • Encouraging gender equality, equal access and empowerment of women.


Olam West Coast has not engaged in audits with a specific focus on human trafficking and/or slavery with our direct Suppliers. By December 2018, Olam West Coast intends to have implemented the Code with major Suppliers.

Internal Accountability

Olam West Coast will take appropriate measures to ensure accountability across the supply chain for noncompliance to the Code. Via standards and procedures, Olam West Coast intends to work with employees and Suppliers to create a corrective action plan to achieve compliance and build socially responsible supply chains.


In order to achieve socially responsible supply chains, we will make best efforts to ensure that, in 2018, our employees having direct responsibility of supply chain management are properly trained and have resources available to deal with prevention of human trafficking and slavery.

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