Olam SVI

About Olam SVI

We bring sustainability, safety and integrity to the table.

Olam SVI is a food ingredients company with the broadest synergistic product portfolio in the industry, operating in three complementary platforms (dehydrated vegetables, tomatoes and spices) and over 15 product categories. Olam SVI sources and/or operates in 11 countries, manufactures in six countries and sells to more than 65 countries.

Olam SVI's value extends far beyond our respected leadership position in dehydrated onion, garlic, spices, capsicums, purées and other vegetables. We are committed to long-term investment in the sustainability of our global supply chain. Our goal is to reduce our consumption of natural resources and positively enrich the livelihoods of the people and communities we impact.

Olam SVI has ownership or active engagement in every stage of the supply chain. This ensures our customers comprehensive product security and food integrity. We believe that only our visionary approach to supply chain control can reliably deliver the highest possible product integrity and value.

Olam SVI maintains a global sales and customer service presence with hubs in Chicago, Rotterdam, Singapore and São Paulo, a global network of warehouses and distributors, plus dedicated in-house transportation and shipment handling expertise. All of this is underpinned by deep financial strengths that enable Olam SVI to offer attractive vendor managed inventory solutions that are reliable, high quality and cost beneficial.

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